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Kinetisense: developing a Kinect app the right way

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Kinetisense cover

Today, I would like to share one of my favorite projects my company has worked on. This project has been the result of a 5-month effort and is expected to launch publicly very soon. Kinetisense is one of these startups that you have a feeling they’ll succeed even before their product launch. When I was initially approached by its founders, David and Ryan, I was impressed by how focused their product idea was. They came…

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Kinect for Windows version 2 SDK beta

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Kinect for Windows v2

Today is one of the most exciting days of the year. Kinect for Windows has publicly announced the availability of its second version beta SDK. Here are the top changes from the first (1.8) SDK version: Better camera resolution More joints HD Face & facial expressions Hand states Improved accuracy Windows Store app support Resources Download the SDK (free) Buy a Kinect for Windows v2 sensor ($199) And one more thing… Moreover, I am happy…

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Kinect cursor for hand tracking

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Kinect hand cursor

Navigating through a Natural User Interface using your palm is quite common – after all, it’s the primary navigation mechanism XBOX uses. Many Windows Kinect applications implement hand tracking for similar purposes. Today, I would like to share a Kinect hand cursor control I developed and you can use for your own apps. This hand cursor control will save you tons of time and you’ll be able to integrate it right into your existing WPF…

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Understanding Kinect Coordinate Mapping

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Kinect Coordinate Mapping

This is another post I publish after getting some good feedback from my blog subscribers. Seems that a lot of people have a problem in common when creating Kinect projects: how they can properly project data on top of the color and depth streams. As you probably know, Kinect integrates a few sensors into a single device: An RGB color camera – 640×480 in version 1, 1920×1080 in version 2 A depth sensor – 320×240…

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Background removal using Kinect 2 (green screen effect)

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Kinect Green Screen (Background Removal)

Throughout the past few days, I got many requests about Kinect color to depth pixel mapping. As you probably already know, Kinect streams are not properly aligned. The RGB and depth cameras have a different resolution and their point of view is slightly shifted. As a result, more and more people have been asking me (either in the blog comments or by email) about properly aligning the color and depth streams. The most common application…

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