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How to run Kinect v2 modern apps on Windows 10 Preview

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Kinect v2 in Windows 10 Preview

Kinect SDK version 2 is out and fully supports Windows 8 Modern apps. So, if you want to publish your Kinect apps in the Windows Store and get featured there, this is your chance! As an early tester of Microsoft products, I recently installed Windows 10 Preview in a secondary development machine. I then tried my WinRT apps to discover any compatibility issues. Windows 10 Preview seems decent enough, so most of the apps run without any problems. When…

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The developer syndrome and how (not) to avoid it

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The developer syndrome

OK. Admit it. You have fallen into the trap. I have fallen, too. Imagine a very typical day in the office: you have to build some hardcore stuff, code complex algorithms or implement demanding business logic. There is a bunch of third-party libraries and tools you can use, paid or free. Such tools can save you time and energy and help you meet your deadline. You could have used a third-party tool and go to bed….

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Kinetisense: developing a Kinect app the right way

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Kinetisense cover

Today, I would like to share one of my favorite projects my company has worked on. This project has been the result of a 5-month effort and is expected to launch publicly very soon. Kinetisense is one of these startups that you have a feeling they’ll succeed even before their product launch. When I was initially approached by its founders, David and Ryan, I was impressed by how focused their product idea was. They came…

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Kinect for Windows version 2 SDK beta

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Kinect for Windows v2

Today is one of the most exciting days of the year. Kinect for Windows has publicly announced the availability of its second version beta SDK. Here are the top changes from the first (1.8) SDK version: Better camera resolution More joints HD Face & facial expressions Hand states Improved accuracy Windows Store app support Resources Download the SDK (free) Buy a Kinect for Windows v2 sensor ($199) And one more thing… Moreover, I am happy…

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