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Vitruvius: Developing Kinect apps in minutes

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Vitruvius Kinect by Vangos Pterneas

During the past few months, I have been quite inactive. It was for a good reason, though. My team and I have been working on an ambitious project that helps Kinect developers build apps faster. I would like to introduce Vitruvius. What is Vitruvius? During the past few years, Kinect developers from all over the world have been creating outstanding Kinect apps, utilizing the power of Kinect SDK 2, Computer Vision, complex Mathematics, and Linear Algebra. Kinect development is…

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How to use Kinect HD Face

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Kinect HD Face Cover

Throughout my previous article, I demonstrated how you can access the 2D positions of the eyes, nose, and mouth, using Microsoft’s Kinect Face API. The Face API provides us with some basic, yet impressive, functionality: we can detect the X and Y coordinates of 4 eye points and identify a few facial expressions using just a few lines of C# code. This is pretty cool for basic applications, like Augmented Reality games, but what if you need…

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NUI Wars Part 1: Overview

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NUI Wars banner

Natural User Interfaces make some serious buzz these days – not without a reason. Natural User Interfaces (NUIs) literally change the way people interact with computers. They create new patterns, new means of communication, and new business opportunities. We can now play football without a controller. We can create personalized 3D models of the human body. We can accurately track finger movements. Computers are able to even understand our voice and what we mean. A few days ago, Microsoft announced…

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Introduction to HTML5 WebSockets

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HTML5 WebSocket Programming

This blog post is based on my book “Getting Started with HTML5 WebSocket Programming“, published a few months ago. There’s a special holiday offer for you until the 6th of January. What is the HTML5 WebSocket protocol? In real life, handshaking is the act of gently grasping two people’s hands, followed by a brief up and down movement. If you have ever greeted someone this way, then you already understand the basic concept of HTML5 WebSockets….

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