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Azure Kinect Depth WFOV (Jet)

Articles and Tutorials


LightBuzz Body Tracking - Fitness Stretch

Natural User Interfaces – 2022

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasMarch 30, 2022 Read More
Azure Kinect Unity3D

Using Azure Kinect in Unity3D

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasApril 5, 2021 Read More
Tom Cruise (Minority Report) Natural User Interface

Azure Kinect in a Nutshell

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasDecember 17, 2020 Read More
IT Pro | Dev Connections 2020

Online Conference: Azure Kinect + Artificial Intelligence

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasDecember 8, 2020 Read More
Abstract human silhouette running

Azure Kinect Masterclass – 3D Body Tracking

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasDecember 6, 2020 Read More
Iron Man - Natural User Interface

Natural User Interfaces – An Inspiration

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasNovember 26, 2020 Read More
Azure Kinect Depth WFOV – Cover

Azure Kinect Masterclass: Depth

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasJuly 16, 2020 Read More
Azure Kinect Sensor

Azure Kinect Masterclass: Sensor Anatomy

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasJune 23, 2020 Read More
Azure Kinect Color Background

Azure Kinect Masterclass: Color

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasJune 15, 2020 Read More
Kinect Angles – Barbell Curl

Azure Kinect Masterclass: Angles

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasMay 20, 2020 Read More
Azure Kinect Avatar

Azure Kinect Masterclass: Avateering in Unity3D

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasMay 11, 2020 Read More
iPad Pro LiDAR camera

Body Tracking with ARKit and Unity3D (iPad LiDAR)

Vangos PterneasVangos PterneasApril 30, 2020 Read More