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Quick tip for starting the KinectService programmatically (Kinect v2)

By February 27, 20144 Comments


Quick tip for starting the KinectService programmatically (Kinect v2)
Vangos Pterneas

Vangos Pterneas is a software engineer, book author, and award-winning Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (2014-2019). Since 2012, Vangos has been helping Fortune-500 companies and ambitious startups create demanding motion-tracking applications. He's obsessed with analyzing and modeling every aspect of human motion using AI and Maths. Vangos shares his passion by regularly publishing articles and open-source projects to help and inspire fellow developers.


  • Qi says:

    Helloļ¼ I want to record the color depth and infrared stream with k2? How can I do?

    • Hello. You can use Kinect Studio for this purpose. Kinect Studio is included in the April update of Kinect SDK v2.

      • Yaron says:

        On the same subject..
        Is there a way to save color/IR streams as compressed video format? (MPEG, .avi, mp4) so I would be able to access it later (not from within the Kinect studio/ visual gesture builder apps)..
        Preferably using WPF / C# like in your tutorials.
        I found on the web many examples of how to save MPEG from a webcam, but I am bot sure if this is usable with Kinect sensors frames.
        Appreciate any help.

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