As you know, Kinect has come to an end and the industry is transitioning to new depth sensors and new body-tracking SDKs.

I have committed myself and my company to develop new frameworks for the Orbbec and Intel cameras.

So, why am I writing this post?

During the past few days, our Vitruvius software tool has experienced a significant increase in paid and free downloads. I have contacted some of my customers to find out what their plans are. Turns out, a lot of people are still using Kinect to create motion applications for exhibition booths, events, or shows. Indeed, Kinect is still alive in this niche.

To make your life easier, I decided to provide some useful links to download the legacy Software Development Kits.

Kinect SDKs

Kinect Tutorials

For your convenience, here is also a list of Kinect development tutorials and demos:



This is it 🙂

Bookmark this post, so you can easily find and download the legacy tools.

‘Til the next time, keep Kinecting!

PS – Next time, I’ll publish a body-tracking tutorial using the Orbbec Astra camera and the Nuitrack body-tracking framework.

Vangos Pterneas

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Vangos Pterneas is an award-winning Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. He is helping companies from all over the world grow their revenue by creating profitable software products. He loves Motion Technology and Mixed Reality. Vangos is the CEO of LightBuzz Inc and author of The Dark Art Of Freelancing.

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