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Since 2015, I’ve been performing annual academic lectures on Natural User Interfaces at the Athens University of Economics and Business. I love getting back to where my coding journey started, speaking with younger Computer Science students, inspiring them, and getting inspired. I’m uploading my presentation slides, hoping to reach a far greater audience of Artificial Intelligence and Motion Tracking enthusiasts.

We started our tour 60 years ago with the first gigantic computer machines and continued to the bright days of keyboards, mice, and graphical interfaces. Then, we explored the world of smartphones and touch devices until we reached the brave new era of Natural User Interaction. Today’s computer scientists are harvesting the mighty powers of AI, Machine Learning, and depth perception to analyze human motion and interact with computers entirely differently.

Vangos Pterneas

Vangos Pterneas is a software engineer, book author, and award-winning Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (2014-2019). Since 2012, Vangos has been helping Fortune-500 companies and ambitious startups create demanding motion-tracking applications. He's obsessed with analyzing and modeling every aspect of human motion using AI and Maths. Vangos shares his passion by regularly publishing articles and open-source projects to help and inspire fellow developers.

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