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About Vangos

Meet the guy behind the keyboard

Vangos Pterneas profile

Hey! I’m Vangos Pterneas, an award-winning Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (2014 – 2019).

I’m running LightBuzz Inc, a US-based software agency. During the past eight years, I have been helping innovative businesses, as well as Fortune-500 companies, grow using cutting-edge Motion Technology. My whole career is a combination of my two passions: Sports and Artificial Intelligence.

Most people know me of my Kinect/HoloLens articles, talksbooksvideos, and open-source software.

I love teaching and talking about Mixed Reality and Motion Analysis. I have given University lectures and also spoken in European and US conferences.

If you’d like to work together and bring your business to the next level, just drop me a line.

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Why work with me?

You don’t want a ski trainer who just speaks ski theory. You need someone who says, “follow me down the hill”. I’ve helped Fortune-500 companies dominate the market, and ambitious startups get from zero to millions.
You’ll learn the truth about your product, and it’s true potential. If the product is not going to make good profits for you, then I won’t allow you to pay for my services.
Motion Analysis is my passion. After leaving an engineering job at Microsoft, I decided to solely focus on Artificial Intelligence and Body Tracking.
I roll up my sleeves and work closely with your team. Even if we are one ocean away, we are engaged regularly.
I don’t just code. I learn and understand your business, so I prioritize according to your needs — not according to my paycheck.
It is personal. When we engage in a project relationship, I behave as part of your business. I succeed only if you succeed.