HTML5 WebSocket Programming
December 28, 2014

Introduction to HTML5 WebSockets

This blog post is based on my book "Getting Started with HTML5 WebSocket Programming", published a few months ago. There's a special holiday offer for¬†you until the 6th of January. What is the HTML5 WebSocket protocol? In real life, handshaking…
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Kinect and HTML5 using WebSockets
December 10, 2013

Kinect and HTML5 using WebSockets and Canvas

UPDATE (Dec 10, 2013): Want to learn more about WebSockets? Consider my new book,¬†Getting started with HTML5 WebSocket Programming. Kinect defined Natural User Interaction. HTML5 redefined the Web. Currently, there are various tutorials describing how to interact with a Kinect…
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HTML5 overview
June 30, 2011

HTML 5 Overview (presentation)

Date: June 28, 2011 Conference: Microsoft June on the Web HTML5 is the present and future of the web. It was an honor that I was selected by Microsoft to deliver a developer-oriented presentation considering this cutting-edge technology. During my…
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